Izumi House Sake

Taste size 80ml    $5.0

200ml Jar              $8.5

An excellent Junmai sake that has been brewed with a 250-years-old traditional technique. Served at room temperature , warmed or chilled.


IPPONGI Denshin Yuki Junmai

180ml                     $9.5/bottle

This sake features a calm fragrance and pure crisp taste that gives you a sense of a quiet snow-covered sake factory.



200ML                     $15.0

From Kobe, Japan, this is any easy-to-drink sparkling plum sake with a fruity, ume aftertaste. Enjoy chilled




IPPIN Junmai 

300ml                     $22/bottle

This sake is dry, very dry, and clean.
A complex fragrance of freshly cooked rice, with subtle sweet spiciness of dried fruits mixed in. On the palate, there is a strong, citruicy acidity and also chewy, rice-driven umami.



Chiyomusubi Ginjo

300ml                     $28/bottle

Elegant on the palate with a crisp hint of spice.Well      balanced and quickly receding after taste.Pairs well with fish, seafood and all food in general.



OZEKI Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake

250ml Bottle    $16

This is a Light sparkling sake that is gently sweet with balanced tartness. This low alcohol volume sparkling sake will compliment sweet dishes and desserts.




$50/bottle           $6.5/glass

It is characterized by its refreshing semi-sweet, sour taste and well-matured aroma from plum fruit. Enjoy chilled on rock